David Hockey
Non-Linear Unofficial Resume
       November 28, 1953
Summary of qualifications
  • Considerable experience in contemporary music.  Compose original music for many of my own productions and have provided music for an independant feature film
  • Shooting and editing video in dance, music, weddings, corporate, instructional and automobiles
  • Twenty-four years experience on IBM based micros…do all my own work
  • Twelve years experience in production work
  • Classroom Teaching experience – Adult Eductation - ComputersLanguages – English, (very little French)

1953 - 2012 School of Hard Knocks
Masters of Survival with the following minors
  • High School Grad – KCA, Kentville, NS
  • First year Commerce – Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
  • Musician on the road with starving 6 piece jazz/rock group (Two years)
  • Introduction to computers in 1976…bought RadioShack CPU for backgammon game…had to reprogram it to win.
  • Taught ‘Intro to Microcomputers’ in 1979 for the Nova Scotia Community College…managed to stay about two lessons ahead of students
  • Car sales (needed to eat)  Also turned 3rd Atlantic in the Honda/BFG challenge series under sponsership of the car dealership
  • Left car dealership to start Computer Store
  • Left computers in 1995 and started audio/visual work supplemented by Limousine business 
  • Acting experience – mostly when applying for business loans – perceived as comedy skit by my bank manager
  • Golf - They say you need to know it to succeed in business

1996 - 2012    AVAV
Producing, directing, editing, writing, scoring  Productions include:
  • AVFT - three 30 second ads for broadcast (2012)
  • All Dolled Up (Release Fall 2011)
  • Tides footage - 'Underwater Universe' - History Channel
  • Fundy Tides and Tales (2008-2009)
  • Tony The Lily on Pollination (Animation-2007)
  • Wrestling With Reality TV series Pilot (2005)
  • Career Renovations - 6 Module DVD Course (2005)
  • Natural Bowel Care Using Flax Flour (2004)
  • 100 Years of Neighbour Helping Neighbour - promo/documentary  (2004)
  • Beating Diabetes – educational video for AHC, Hamilton, Ont.  (2004)
  • Original music for opening theme for the independant film 'Far From India'  (2003)
  • 6 TV Commercials for NSGEU Group Home Workers (2003)
  • Chicken: A Class Act (French & Engish educational) for Chicken Farmers of Canada (2003)
  • Dance Nova Scotia’s 10th year anniversary summer school with original music (1999)
  • National Union of  Public and General Employees (NUPGE) 25th anniversary keynote video and slide show for Winnipeg Conference and 5 music videos for their 2004 Calgary Conference.  2003 Six TV Commercials (aired on CBC, ATV and ASN)
  • 2000 Facts & Feathers – Educational video for The Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia  AND 2003 Chickens: A Class Act for Chicken Farmers of Canada
  • ANAC by the Atlantic – Promotional video for the Animal Nutrition Accociation of Canada’s 2001 Halifax Conference
  • LabNet Demo CD – For Henry Schein (New York/Utah) – See testamonial on AVAV WEB site  www.avavonline.com AND Tutorial (2002)
Driving Experience
(Class 4 License - no restrictions)
  • Started Solo events in 1976 to present.  Numerous 1st, 2nd, 3rd and FTD awards.
  • Attended race school in 1979.  Won 3rd Atlantic - Honda/BFG challenge
  • Produced stinger and modules for a performance driving course ‘Both Feet In’.   
  • Advanced Driving Instructor for Bluenose BMW Club School (also webmaster)
  • Stunt driving (spins, 180's, avoidance, high speed cornering , ice dancing)
  • Produced classroom video for BMW Club school.  
  • Extensive experience in both RWD and FWD cars and personally drive M-Roadster and Mini Cooper S  (Our chief instructor usually assigns me the Mini students)
Hopes and Aspirations
  • To produce a comedy TV Series or major documentary.
  • Music (keyboards, guitar, banjo, flute, harmonica…midi and electronic music – tinker at most – best at Keyboards, guitar & harmonica)  Composing/Scoring
  • Car racing, solo events and stunt driving, Writing book on ‘defensive speeding’
  • Computer  Games (Role Playing and space or combat strategy)
  • Getting along with my ex-wife…she still comes to all the family gatherings
  • Lifting 90 pound silicone love dolls to torture back